The size of whales compared with humans in a whale watching


Whale watching Patagonia Nature

The days of calm water, on whale watching trips in Puerto Piramides Patagonia Argentina you can see from the boat through the water the enormous size that whales have.It´s very dificult to appreciate the volume without reference point like in this first photos. That's why we publish this other picture, where you can understand the dimension of the whales, the mother is young and therefore is not the greatest, but is equivalent to 16 people standing.

whale watching in Valdes Peninsula

Action and excitement, 2 condiments ever present in the whale watching in Valdes Peninsula. Argentine Patagonia is moved each day, with lush displays of power that the whales performed into the waters of Golfo Nuevo and San Jose. At this time of the year, the highest density of these huge cetaceans are near Puerto Piramides, you can see from the coast, but the whale watching excursion is truly an amazing approach, you can see the behavior from the water. Jumps, tailing in the calm waters of Valdes Peninsula. If you have chance to come to enjoy this natural attraction now is the time. After November, the number of individuals is declining and the navigations are longer.

whale watching catamaran in Puerto PIiramides