Whale Watching in Península Valdés


Patagonia Argentina, offers one of the best places in the world for whale watching. The morphology of this region of South America offers calm and protected waters, where this giant mammals has choosen to get birth to their calves and for mating (as other species also do), turning this World Heritage in a huge nursery. The southern right whale, every year, appears every early May, day by day the number of whales increase more and more and is when El Doradillo (a beach in the way coming from Puerto Madryn to Puerto Piramides) becomes in the most suitable place to watch and feel them really close from the coast. When September begin, Valdes Peninsula reach the maximun in numbers of whales. Puerto Piramides becomes the undisputed place to watch the curious and friendly behavior of the animals aboard the whale watching from boats, by the way the only port for this activity in Argentina.

The season keep on going during October and November, with whales and more whales around; during those months we can see many different behaviors: the females wich already give birth, can be seen next to their calves, much more skinny than when they arrived, and the females that have not give birth are the most wanted between the males who "harass" them creating one of the most extraordinary courtships of nature. During it first year of life, the calf, keep close to its mother from who they are nursed. On the next stage, previous to become adults, the calf get away from its mothers and they are known as sub-adults.By the first week of December, is well known how to the whales starts their way toward the south of the south hemisphere. In the last years, whales has been seen in the first days of January, after long sailings. The images that you can appreciate in all our post, where taking from the whale watching boats that goes every day along the whale watching season (from June, till the last whale departs!)